The heat in San Diego is killing me. I am so glad the 103 degree weather last week is gone, and that fall is finally approaching. Anywho, I've been really into light colored clothing the past couple weeks (probably due to the heat), so I whipped out this baby blue romper from ZARA. I actually fell in love with it at first sight when shopping because the squinched waist looks cute and elongates my legs.

又到了穿搭時間~ 今天要跟大家分享這身天藍色穿著。不知道是不是因為聖地牙哥天氣非常熱,但近期我很愛穿淺色的衣服。尤其藍色。你們呢?天藍連身褲是很久以前在ZARA買的。當時看到真的一眼就中。它下面的裙襬很可愛+腰也看起來比較瘦 + 腿也顯得長。


My sunnies are from a while back, but I still love them to this day. I just can't get over the design! Since my face is quite long, I often have trouble finding the perfect shades. But the gold outer rims of this particular sunnies actually shorten my face, giving me better proportions. I highly recommend them if you have similar problems!

墨鏡就是之前買的。我 非 常 喜歡它的設計。外面的框讓我整個臉的比例變短。因為我本身臉比較長,所以很挑墨鏡。但我認為這款真的很修飾臉。

And that's it! Apologies to the irregular posting time... been super busy this past week. xoxo Ariel

以上就是今天的分享!別忘了留言呀!xoxo Ariel

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